IT Server Support

IT Server Support Services and Hardware Maintenance 


         Servers are one of the most critical devices on any network and in business uptime can make or break your business. At IT Care, we train our server technicians and engineers to support network computer servers from all manufactures and have them get certified on repair and Maintenance of servers from Dell, IBM and HP.



Server Maintenance Services:

  • Server Configuration
  • Server Migration
  • Server Upgrades
  • Network Server Integration
  • Server Data Recovery
  • File Server Installation & Support
  • Print Server Installation & Support
  • SQL Server Installation & Support
  • Email Server Installation & Support

Server Maintenance and Cable Management

Dust filled vents can cause your technology to overheat and fail. But this shouldn’t be left to the cleaning crew. If your servers are not in a dust free environment they require regular cleaning. To better accommodate airflow and improve future operations we organize, set up and label your cables and servers. This greatly reduces downtime to your business network when repairs are needed or when implementing new hardware. Along with our documentation service there will be no question to what’s connected to what.

Cost-Efficient IT Support in Singapore

Our IT Support Plans give our clients the top benefit of essentially having a full and cost-efficient in-house IT department that can handle all aspects of any company’s IT requirements, from server to PC maintenance.

We can also just fit in complementary roles and assist your IT personnel with maintenance only.

Server Support in Singapore

Advanced Cutting Edge IT Support

For IT support review, clients can easily view and track the IT faults reported in our eTicketing system, thus ensuring good visibility of their IT needs.

Who We Are?

IT care has been in this business for a very long time. IT care offers a complete business solution for your IT needs. We understand how essential it is for a business to have all the systems up and running all the time. We encourage our employees continually and help them to go beyond the limits and expectations of the customer. We provide complete solution from System Maintenance to blackberry professional service.
Our Engineers are certified in: MICROSOFT, CISCO,VM-WARE, BLACKBERRY